Monday, January 17, 2011

So, I've been thinking about putting the zine up for sale, nothing big, only like 15 cents or something. I wanted to give all contributors a portion of the profits, likely 1 cent each / sale. The pricing will be dependent upon the number of items within the zine at 1 cent per piece (to pay the contributor) plus a 3 cent base price (to cover my emotional damage). I still need to get permission from all contributors before I can do so, however. Also, I still refuse to hold any digital or otherwise publishing rites. Those will revert back to the author, but once your piece has been published, unless the rights were already sold/given away to someone else, it will remain within the pages of this mighty tome.

Low res .doc copies are presently available through . Higher resolution .pdf versions will be the for profit version and soon enough hard copies will be printed and disseminated upon request. Maybe I should just accept donations instead?

What say yee, peoples? Sale? Donations? Free forever?


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