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Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello and welcome to Wise Eyes Enterprise. This is a temporary label that I'm going to use for my productions until my brother gets back to me with our official logo and label. I've been using the handle WiseEyes for a little while now and will probably continue to use it for my personal stuff at some point in the future. The calavera was found on a google search from the good folks at http://abookwithoutacover.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/dia-de-los-muertos/

I've sent them a request to use the graphic as I want it to be the associated logo for this label. I'll probably be changing this page around with the official label once my brother is finished designing it. At which point, it's likely I'll make a new blog for Wise Eyes Enterprise.

Anyway, I'm working on a zine, in case the url doesn't give it away, called Caffeine. The theme of it is: A Collection of the Diverse and Nonsensical. I'm using it to "publish" all the works that I don't think will quite fit in professional publications, so I'm releasing them myself. I also like to print works from friends and other amateur artists, poets, writers, essayists, reviewers, whoever. I'm open and willing to publish nearly everything I'm sent, well, pretty much works in any format. Depending on the responses I get, I may spring for color printing if the artwork warrants it. I'm planning on having my brother decorate the zine by hand after I add all the written works and digital images. I'm also giving him his own 4 or 8 page section in the middle called The Blowhole for him to do whatever he wants with. Once its completed, I'll be posting digital copies up here, one set formatted for printing at home single-sided, another for double-sided home printing and a final version just for electronic reading. The idea being, if you like it, you can email it to friends, post it elsewhere on the web, or print it off and distribute it in your area as well. I figure it'll help encourage reader contributions.

I don't have a set time line yet, but I would like to have all the submissions for the first issue received within about a month. Say... November 15, 2009. This may end up being quarterly, or monthly. It's most likely to have a new issue published whenever I receive enough contributions and get them stuck together. So, depending on you, the contributors, there very well could be a new issue every (other) week or so. Of course, the quicker I try to kick out issues, the plainer and less decorative they'll look. Perhaps I can print mini-issues in between the big releases...

We're open to constructive criticism, comments and ideas as well. If you'd like to contribute, fire away! Please email all legible and edited contributions to caffeinezine@gmail.com

P.S. Make sure your art still looks good when its been shrunk to half a letter-sized page


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